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Need a paddleboard to go travelling with, in your campervan, on your yacht, or for flying overseas? Why not rent a Red Air? Awesome performance, easy to carry, take it anywhere, and if you really fall in love with it, keep it and just pay the difference! We'll even deliver it to your door! Check it out right here...

Become a Red Agent

Become a Red Agent

Stand Up Paddleboarding Products for New Zealand

Starting a School or Rental Business?

We can supply complete tailor-made packages for your school or rental business at unbeatable prices. More Info here

Videos of Red Air inflatable stand up paddle boards

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Check out our school at Northland Paddleboarding

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Yup took it to Fiji and loving it!!! Was so worth taking it with us! Wife and kids love it. More...

It's so stable!! Kids love riding on it! Really loving it. .

Rob C

More testimonials...

Welcome to our website. We supply stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) products, most importantly the awesome Red Air stand up paddleboards (see below!), but also a wide range of other SUP accessories. Our philosophy is simple: affordable quality. We scour the globe looking for excellence and innovation - or just interesting - in stand up paddleboarding, and always at a great price

Hopefully you'll find everything you need to know on this website, but don't hesitate to get in touch if you need any further information or assistance.

The Best Inflatable Paddleboards

Our Red Airs are the best inflatable stand up paddleboards on the market - bar none. Find out more about them here...

Cruising, exploring, racing, surfing (big waves, small waves), kitesurfing, river running, kayaking, fishing, family fun - Red Airs redefine versatility. And how tough are they? Check the video below...

  • Red Air inflatable paddleboards offer high performance stand up paddleboarding at an affordable price and with no worries about hurting your board - or being hurt by your board!
  • Red Air inflatable stand up paddleboards are ideal for cruising and exploring
  • Red Air inflatable stand up paddleboards are perfect for surfing small waves (they'll catch even the tiniest ripples)
  • Red Air inflatable stand up paddleboards offer such good performance that many riders now take them out in radical surf conditions, loving the fact that when it all goes wrong, they're not going to get hurt by their board!
  • Hang five!
  • A snorkelling platform
  • The perfect platform for on-water fun!
  • Fantastic for all the family - your kids will love them too!
  • High performance - you simply don't even know you're on an inflatable!
  • Go tandem!
  • The Race and Explorer 12'6 offer extraordinarily high performance, yet still fit into that little backpack...

Special Deals!

Kids' Packages!

Kids board, paddle & leash for just $1345!!

Bach Packages!

Two boards, paddles & leashes - over $400 off RRP!!

Schools & Clubs

Our equipment is the best on the market for youngsters. Find out why here! Special packages available...

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yoga on board


yoga on board


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